As the trusted global provider of primary, nearline, offline and archival data storage solutions, HVE delivers SnapServer data management and backup solutions that are backed by world-class service and support. SnapServerCare uplift and extension support offerings serve as a complement to the standard SnapServerCare product warranty associated with each HVE product, ensuring that our customers have the optimal level of service and support required to meet their particular needs.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) does not guarantee break fix support. Once Technical Support determines which spare part shall be replaced, 90% are fixed by Service Level.

The SL NBD / 7x24 …
… definition: A Field Engineer will be onsite. Once a call is logged HVE approach is to determine same day which spare part shall be replaced for OSS dispatch and spare part delivery. To speed up the process customer may be requested to send logfiles and detailed failure description to

Standard Warranty5 Uplift Options1 Extension Options2
SnapServer XSR Series SnapServerCare Bronze
3 years
SnapServerCare Bronze (1 yr. & 3 yr.)
SnapServerCare Silver (1 yr. & 3 yr.)
SnapServerCare Gold (1 yr. & 3 yr.)
SnapServerCare Platinum (1 yr. & 3 yr.)
SnapServerCare Bronze (1 yr.)
SnapServerCare Silver (1 yr.)
SnapServerCare Gold (1 yr.)
SnapServerCare Platinum (1 yr.)
SnapServerCare Warranty Offerings Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
9x5 telephone assistance
24x7 telephone assistance
Unlimited web and email support
Access to on-line knowledge base
Firmware updated and patches
Remote problem and diagnostics support4
2 Business day CRU advanced parts replacement3
Next business day advanced FRU parts replacement3
Next business day advanced CRU parts replacement3
Next business day response for onsite support3
24x7x4-Hr. response for onsite support3

  • 1 SnapServerCare uplift part numbers/pricing are valid when purchased within 90 days of the initial hardware purchase.
  • 2 SnapServerCare extension part numbers/pricing are valid when purchased 91+ days after the initial hardware purchase or as a renewal for an expired warranty.
  • 3 Response time based on geographical proximity to HVE service center. Although standard part numbers and pricing apply to Zone 1 coverage, uplifts for zones outside the standard coverage areas are available. HVE may, at is sole discretion, determine if a defect can be repaired one of the following ways; 1) remotely, 2) by the shipment of a customer replaceable unit (CRU) part and customer performing a self-service repair, or 3) by a service call at the location of the defective unit.
  • 4 Availability during business hours only for SnapServerCare Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. 24x7 availability for SnapServerCare Platinum level only.
  • 5 For SnapServer Warranty Terms and Conditions, refer to